Studio Visit: YRU + ESQAPE

Step into heaven with Z, the founder and designer behind YRU and ESQAPE.

Some designers find it impossible to separate their face from their line. The brand operates at its peak with them at the helm, and the success of the artist mirrors the success of the art (or the other way around). Especially in the case of YRU and ESQAPE, you'd expect a designer equally loud, manic, and in-your-face. It may surprise you to learn that Zabastian Amadeuz a.k.a. Z, the founder and designer of the YRU shoe line and ESQAPE apparel and accessory line, actually leans on the quieter side. He doesn't waste his time with shameless self-promo, which gives his designs that much more room to do their thing. And damn, do they.

When you step into Zabastian's crafstman-turned-showroom at the peak of a residential Echo Park hill, you sink into the idea of vintage Los Angeles: natural light pouring across hardwood floors, acoustic instruments gathered in a corner, a pair of 6" tall sequin-covered platforms tennies–wait, what? The retro haziness is abruptly replaced with iridescent 3M yoga pants, neon O-ring collars, even a pair of shoes with literal wings. Wings. But nothing about this stark contrast feels jarring--it's more like a breakdown of both brands' effortlessly cool DNA. To help break things down further, we sat down with Z to talk inspo, creative process, and having a fan in Lady Gaga.

You’re turning the footwear game on its head in such a big way. Where do you gather design inspo?

thank u kindly~


BiG is the main ingredient


& constantly asking:

“what does the forward & elevated culture want”

“what can one provide that they are missing”

How does ESQAPE differentiate from YRU? Are they the same girl, are they similar girls? 


they’re sister’s

one went off to college


the other went to the festival & nvr came back

Where's the coolest place you’ve seen your pieces in? Who's the coolest person you've seen them on?


it’s always lvely seeing gear on the streets of japan

i respect their fearless approach on fashion

was niice to see ‘lady gaga’ in a full white look

What’s your creative process like when a shoe is coming to life? Walk me through it.


ideas & designs are always in mind
the ones that keeping popping in and saying “MAKE ME”

are the one’s that get put on paper,
then unexpected occurrences happen
colours come together, materials are selected
and they’re sent off to our production team overseas
there they are assembled.
and more interesting things happen then
because they evolve into life, and many times are unique to the original idea

from there on, the TEAM & I congregate to elect winners

If you could go back and change one decision you’ve made while building this brand, what would it be?

it’s rare to look back & wish


but it would have been to start a music label to accompany the brand sooner.

i feel the audience follows the brand as a lifestyle

which is why we’ve added a monthly artist feature for up & coming talent


to show that the purpose goes beyond fashion 

Any advice for newcomers who are trying to get their own brands off the ground?

focus on the people & positive intentionz

don’t hesitate

have strong dedicated people around you

always use this ~ 

Finally, of all the pieces you've designed, which is your favorite?

currently would say this gal:

she’s futuristique & delicate,

yet, can still catch her über in them 

Photos by Brittney Christie