Steaktooth is Everywhere

Originally posted on 4/13/2016 on Nasty Gal

You may know Rachael Finley, also known as Steaktooth (or more intimately, Steak), as the founder of Tumblr-esque clothing lines Teenage and Hot Lava, seen her rocking meme shirts on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, or follow her wild Instagram and Tumblr superstardom. In any case, you'll get to know her much better this weekend while she takes over our Snapchat, bringing you to all the pool-and-desert-side parties she can handle. We sat down with Steak to get her insight on entrepreneurialism, festival looks, and chicken.


So you're heading to Palm Springs to get us the full scoop on the party scene this weekend. But this isn't your first appearance on the Nasty Gal blog. How does it feel coming back to one of your roots after accomplishing so much?

I'm pretty hyped to be reconnecting with the Nasty Gal readers. It's been a while, but it's a fun group. I feel like the NG girl is always ready to have a little fun so it's great for festival coverage, too.

A lot of our readers want to (and likely will) launch their own clothing lines someday. You've done it twice. What'd you learn from Teenage that helped you launch Hot Lava?

Dream big! But start small. Clothing is expensive and there is a lot of trial and error, so make sure you're focusing on 1-2 core pieces that you can reproduce in different ways. Try getting some wholesale blanks or hoodies and throw on some graphics. Don't be heartbroken when your first drop isn't a fully cut-and-sewn collection.

Your baby name selection game is phenomenal. What inspired you to name your 2-year-old daughter Mars?

My husband and I had our first date was at the planetarium and that night he just blurted that out... It freaked me out! Like whoa buddy, slow down. But when she was on her way here it seemed like there wasn't another option.

For those who don't know, a lot of people who do a weekend in the desert either camp near the festival grounds, get a hotel, or rent a house with approx. 20 of their nearest and dearest friends. What do you absolutely NEED in a Coachella house ... and what's a deal breaker?

At this point in my bratty adult life, I want a pool. There can be 80 of us sleeping in the living room but I need a pool. Also, easy festival access. So preferably near a shuttle or an uber drop-off–so clutch for late night leaving. I think it's best to stay in Palm Springs, so you can pick and choose when you wanna be on the grounds or poolside. Plus, RESTAURANTS with happy hour ;)

The festival look is known, at least in the scientific community, as one of the strongest wardrobe moments that a person can have. What tips do you have for the last-minute outfit planners?

Less is more. It's hot and sticky and your cheap-y costume jewelry is def gonna turn you green by the end of the festival. So either be ready for that or don't bother. Pack a light jacket you can fit into a backpack, the desert is misleadingly chilly. Don't "prom" yourself (i.e. get so bugged out on ur outfit that u don't have fun).

Finally, do you ever eat chicken?

*wipes wing sauce off of face*  I've been prepping my Coachella diet bod with Hooters.